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Early assessment and therapeutic input is important to enable your child to reach their potential. We offer a variety of services for individuals, which can be discussed and tailored according to you and your child’s needs.

My Children's Therapy

Assessment Packages:

Early Years Assessment (24 months to pre-school)

Young children learn and develop their sensory and motor skills through play and exploration. An early assessment of your child’s play, motor and sensory skills can highlight areas where they need further support to develop their independence and functional skills. Assessments can take place at home or in the nursery setting and a report provided with recommendations.

Full Assessment

A full assessment of your primary or secondary school aged child will aim to assess their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, handwriting, visual perception, sensory processing, self-care and independence skills. A combination of observation, standardised and non-standardised assessments will be used to ascertain your child’s strengths and needs. Assessments can take place at home or in school. A detailed report will be provided with recommendations.

Assessment for EHCP

An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is for children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities. An EHCP identifies the individuals’ additional support they require to meet their educational, health and social care needs. We can provide a full assessment and report to inform the EHCP application, based on your child’s Occupational Therapy sensory and physical needs.

Handwriting Assessment

Handwriting is a complex skill involving motor skill, cognition, sensory processing and visual perceptual skills. If you have concerns with your child’s handwriting development, a specific assessment and advice can be provided, using a combination of formal and informal assessment.

Tribunal Assessment

A full assessment and report written for the purpose of an EHCP tribunal process. This service is tailored according to individual needs. Typically, this involves a full assessment of your child’s sensory and physical needs and the impact on their functional skills.

Discussion and liaison with relevant professionals and the educational setting is carried out along with, review of relevant reports, discussion with parents/carers and a written report suitable for tribunal purposes. Representation of your child’s OT needs in court may be discussed and offered where appropriate.

My Children's Therapy

Therapy Packages:

Individual Therapy

Following assessment, therapy can be provided according to your child’s needs. Sessions are on a 1:1 basis, target focused and offered in blocks, within your home. Therapy sessions typically aim to support development of your child’s gross and fine motor skills, handwriting, self-care skills, sensory processing and visual perception. Sessions are 45-60 minutes long, allowing for time to provide feedback.

OT Home Programme

Following assessment, an occupational therapy programme specific to your child’s needs is recommended. Integrating activities and strategies into your child’s daily routine is often the best method to support their ongoing development. A one off OT session can be provided to help you implement the programme or provided alongside a block of therapy sessions.

Review Session

A review of your child’s needs and their programme updated may be provided at a later date.

My Children's Therapy Parents
My Children's Therapy Parents
My Children's Therapy Parents

"Dear Rachael, 
I just wanted to thank you for the time and care you took both with Ryan and in doing the report. You had a lovely manner with him and made the whole experience was very non-threatening. The report itself, having had many assessments in his short life, was wonderfully comprehensive and full of suggestions for ways to make his life easier. 
We cannot thank you enough."