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Our Occupational Therapy service can be discussed and tailored according to your school’s individual need. Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific requirement which is not set out below.

Full Assessment

A full assessment within school. Assessments typically cover gross motor skills, fine motor skills, handwriting, visual perception, sensory processing and attention, self-care and independence skills. A combination of standardised assessments, non-standardised assessments and observation will be used to ascertain the child’s strengths and needs. A report and targeted OT school programme with recommendations and strategies will be provided following the assessment.

Assessment for EHCP

Full assessment and report to inform the EHCP application, based on the child’s Occupational Therapy sensory and physical needs.

Termly Review Assessment and Programme

Termly reviews and programmes are often part of an EHCP provision. This service can be provided for individuals within your school and include liaison with staff and parents/ carers.

Handwriting Assessment

Standardised assessment using the Detailed Assessment of Handwriting Speed (DASH) and observation, to provide recommendations and evidence towards exam access arrangements.

Group Therapy

Occupational Therapy groups are a useful way to provide targeted support for children with similar needs. Groups are set up by the OT involving an initial screening of highlighted children, an activity group protocol provided, and individual targets set. Groups are recommended to be run by classroom staff and reviewed by the OT after a 6-8 week period. These groups can be set up according to your school needs. Examples of groups include:

  • Pre-writing and Fine Motor Group for Reception Children
  • Handwriting and Scissor Skills Group for Year 1 Children
  • Sensory-motor Circuits


Training for school staff can be tailored according to your needs. Training is aimed to provide your staff with theory, applicable activities and strategy ideas for them to implement and opportunity to discuss their individual questions. Topics available for training include:

  • Fine motor skill development
  • Gross motor skill development
  • Visual Perception, activities and strategies
  • Sensory processing and strategies
  • Autism and OT
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder and OT
My Children's Therapy Schools
My Children's Therapy Schools
My Children's Therapy Schools
My Children's Therapy Schools
My Children's Therapy Schools