My Children's Therapy


Teletherapy enables you to support your child from the comfort of your home. Working closely with the therapist allows you to problem solve questions you may have and to grow in confidence through coaching from the therapist. If you are looking for online sessions, whether you live abroad or beyond the catchment of My Children’s Therapy, teletherapy may be the right fit for you.
As with traditional client facing sessions, teletherapy is dependent upon each individual. A free telephone consultation with us can help you understand what resources you will need and what personal plan is available for you. Unless you have had a recent assessment in the last 6 months, an initial assessment is recommended to ascertain your child’s strengths and needs. This will be followed by a report and recommendations for the next steps.

Direct online therapy sessions can be arranged with the therapist. Printable resources, a link to the session and plan will be emailed to you prior to each session. You will be required to be present throughout each session so we can provide parental coaching and for you to support your child throughout the process.

If you would like to discuss teletherapy as an option, please contact us.